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Many people with no pension to count on and only a modest expected income from Social Security know they need to make smart decisions about their retirement savings and investments. Thus, when a salesperson pushes them toward indexed annuities, they’re quickly convinced, and sign up. That’s not good news, though, because indexed annuities can be problematic.

According to the latest Wink’s Sales and Market Report, which covers the industry, sales of indexed annuities in the fourth quarter of 2014 were up 3.5% over year-ago levels, with 2014 marking the sixth-consecutive year of record-breaking levels, and an overall increase of 21% from the year before.

Nuts and bolts
In a nutshell, an indexed annuity — which is sometimes called a fixed-indexed annuity, or an equity-index annuity, or a variation on one of those — is an investment you can make to help yourself save money for retirement. You shell out a significant sum of money to buy it, and then it pays you a certain sum at a certain time for a certain length of time.

Its key distinguishing feature is that it’s linked to the performance of an index, such as the S&P 500, wh…………… continues on Are They a Good Investment? – Motley Fool

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