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After bailing on annuities, The Hartford looks to pump up its mutual funds

After bailing on annuities, The Hartford looks to pump up its mutual fundsNews from InvestmentNews: (Photo: Bloomberg News) Despite throwing in the towel on several of its operations, executives at The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. think the carrier can increase its mutual fund assets by double digits annually. And that’s a big part of [...]

Mega Millions Winning Numbers: $640 Million Jackpot, Cash Payout & Annuities

Mega Millions Winning Numbers: $ 640 Million Jackpot, Cash Payout & AnnuitiesNews from BostInno: The winning numbers for the Mega Millions drawing for Friday night are: 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and a Mega-ball of 23 Earlier today, the lottery reported that the chances of the Mega Millions Jackpot being won tonight were better than [...]

Elderly investors bilked in annuities scam to get bupkes

Elderly investors bilked in annuities scam to get bupkesNews from InvestmentNews: A group of mostly elderly investors ensnared in a $ 7 million scam involving so-called “private annuities” will be getting back only a sliver of their original investment. Advertisement Related to this story On Tuesday, the trustee overseeing the bankruptcy case of insurance agent [...]

What’s Hot in Annuities? Guarantees.

What’s Hot in Annuities? Guarantees.News from LifeHealthPro: Photo credit: Sheela Mohan Welcome to the post-meltdown insurance market, where guarantees are golden—and priced accordingly; where volatility is a four-letter word for investors and insurers alike; where de-risking has become an imperative for many insurance companies; where investors value downside risk protection as much or more than [...]

The Merits of Annuities

The Merits of AnnuitiesNews from LifeHealthPro: This blog originally appeared on NAIFA.org. It is reprinted here with permission of NAIFA. It’s unfortunate when an isolated event could threaten the legitimate use of a financial product that has benefited and will continue to benefit so many individuals and families across the country. Individual annuity contracts have [...]

Annuities for 2012 could see even more interest

Annuities for 2012 could see even more interestNews from Annuity News Journal: Annuities are not something that were often talked about in the mainstream media just five years ago. At that point in time, most people were perfectly happy to continue to allow their stock market investments to continue to grow. All of the media [...]

Beneficiary In Annuities and IRAs

Beneficiary In Annuities and IRAsNews from TribLocal: Question: My uncle died and left me an annuity. How hard are they to cash in and what do I have to do to get my money? Answer: Annuities are easy to “cash in”. You need to do two things. First, prove that you are a rightful beneficiary. [...]

Making the case for annuities

Making the case for annuitiesNews from InvestmentNews: Harsh economic realities have led insurers to get stingy with returns and benefits on annuities, but financial advisers think that there still is a place for these products in clients’ portfolios. Advertisement Related to this story Ever since the 2008 crisis, slumping interest rates and rampant volatility in [...]

Money Power: Look at annuities if you need the money later

Money Power: Look at annuities if you need the money laterNews from Tulsa World: For younger retirees, these annuities may be a better choice than an immediate annuity – even if the initial payout is a bit lower – because you can benefit from future stock market increases rather than locking in a fixed payment [...]

Newfangled Annuities Offer Benefits, Hold Risks

Newfangled Annuities Offer Benefits, Hold RisksNews from Registered Rep.: Mar 20, 2012 9:00 AM, By Alan Lavine Called contingent annuities, these securities are less expensive than variable annuities and offer better tax treatment for wealthy investors. But availability is limited and some worry the risks will be difficult to cover. Article tools sponsored by: If [...]