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Annuities safe choice for college students

Annuities safe choice for college studentsNews from K-State Collegian: Editor’s Note: This article was completed as an assignment for a class in the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications. College students in today’s world are facing more and more financial responsibility and pressure to meet monetary obligations. Although getting an education can be [...]

Sales of enhanced annuities on the rise

Sales of enhanced annuities on the riseNews from Prudential UK & Europe: 27/02/2012 Topic: Annuities Total sales of enhanced annuities rose to £3.02 billion in 2011, as more Britons took out improved pension deals due to health concerns and lifestyle factors. The annuity products were first launched in 1995 for those with medical conditions and [...]

The Politics of Annuities

The Politics of AnnuitiesNews from Moneyshow.com: More from Stan Haithcock Simpler Is Better with SPIAs Use Annuities for Health-Care Costs The Truth About Annuity Income Riders The current administration, tempted by the trillions of dollars held in tax-deferred annuities, is slowly attempting one of the biggest asset grabs in US history…and it’s a shame that deserves [...]

Special Report Variable Annuities

Special Report Variable AnnuitiesNews from InvestmentNews: Special Report Shrinking Market » Video & Rankings » What’s Next » By Darla Mercado Financial advisers, reeling from last year’s tumult in the variable annuity market, are now rethinking the carriers they use and the strategies they put together for clients. The herd of variable annuity providers has [...]

Insurers to ease pressure-selling of annuities

Insurers to ease pressure-selling of annuitiesNews from The Independent: How annuities are sold is set for a major overhaul at the time of next month’s Budget. Under pressure from ministers, insurance companies are set to agree to abandon profit-boosting pressure sales techniques to persuade pension savers to opt for poor paying annuities. Insurers are to [...]

Does the Public Need Lessons in Annuities?

Does the Public Need Lessons in Annuities?News from LifeHealthPro: Photo credit: Scott Chan Bruce Ferris, (below right) head of sales and distribution for Prudential Annuities, doesn’t worry so much about low interest rates, although he concedes that has an effect on the business. What’s he’s more concerned about is making the public more knowledgeable about [...]

Enhanced annuities: Looking to the future

Enhanced annuities: Looking to the futureNews from ifaonline.co.uk: Andrew Tully highlights the growing importance of the enhanced annuity market The retirement market has changed dramatically over the past ten years. There are growing numbers of people reaching retirement with defined contribution pension pots which need to be converted into a retirement income. Within this growing [...]

What To Look For In Annuities Offering Income

What To Look For In Annuities Offering IncomeNews from Retirement Planning: by James Harris Lifetime income annuities are annuities that insure steady payments to the holder for the remainder of his life. At this age there is a lot more want for cash due to the fact individuals produce many varieties of diseases for treating [...]

Annuity Calculator: New Rules Could Lead To Better Annuities

Annuity Calculator: New Rules Could Lead To Better AnnuitiesNews from PensionCalculator.org: A new proposed code of conduct will force annuity providers to give more information to consumers leading to them purchasing the best rate annuities. This in turn will mean many receive thousands more a year in retirement income than before. Currently, around two thirds [...]

Challenger sees shift to annuities as profit dips

Challenger sees shift to annuities as profit dipsNews from Sydney Morning Herald: Challenger has lifted its annuity sales growth target despite reporting an 83 per cent plunge in first-half net profit thanks to falling equity and debt markets. The Sydney-based firm’s shares were 13 cents, or 3.03 per cent, lower to $ 4.16 in early [...]